Responsive Web Design – Is this the new way forward?

How we view the web has changed so much over the last five years.  It used to be information was predominantly accessed via a laptop or computer but now it could be via a phone, ipad, tablet or any one of the multiple different handheld devices available.  This additional visibility is an opportunity for your business …or is it?

Is your website designed to be responsive? Ever tried to access your website from your phone, and if so, could  you clearly read the text or purchase a product? If your website is not and your competitors are…you could lose business.  Maybe it is time to look at making your website responsive.

What is Responsive Web Design? (RWD)

Responsive web design is a strategy that considers mobile browsing first. RWD offers a variation of techniques that allows a website to adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Whatever devise the website is opened in, it will automatically notice and adapt to a format that’s suited for that devise and display the content in the best way for the user of that phone allowing them to easily view and select information or purchase your products.

Search engines like responsive websites

In making your website responsive it not only help your visitors navigate around your information , find and purchase your products more easily but Google also recognises that you are trying to help your customers and it promotes your site above those who haven’t developed a responsive website.

Mobile v Desktop

Mobile internet users are now exceeding those of a desktop. Websites that offer full functionality on any screen or any devise ie responsive sites, also help improve conversion rates. An optimised and consistent site, no matter what platform it’s viewed on will provide a better experience for the customer meaning that they are more likely to engage with you as a company than search elsewhere.

Responsive sites can take a little longer to build, but they have longevity and the approach taken means management, support and upgrades only need be applied to one place, therefore longer term this creates a cost saving.
Offering a good online experience is essential for gaining and retaining customers.

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With your assistance and guidance you have given us an alternative direction we hadn’t even thought of! Thank you so much for your help and may I say what a quick turn around.

Dan Boyd, Owner, Boyd Services